Golf Betting Tips And Top Picks

As more and more people get hooked onto sports betting, golf has managed to step into the limelight. If you can log onto sportsbooks and view golf matches live, it will bring in many new bettors into the scene and expand the game’s reach to new populations. If you are new to golf betting, it may be a good idea to get some tips on how to make money. Betting on golf can be lucrative and entertaining at the same time.

Tips and Tricks to get Golf Betting right:

  • To bet on golf, you can use one of two available options; you could be traditional and visit a local bookie or you could choose online sports betting sites to place your bets. The second option is far more convenient and lets you shop for the best lines.
  • To make successful bets in golf, it is wise to look at what the experts have to say. These experts and their golfing picks are usually highly guarded. They will only be accessible to you if you happen to know them well or if you are willing to pay for that kind of information.
  • Looking at odds before placing bets is a thumb rule for success. When you find that a player having worse odds than the favorites has been performing well, find out what the payout can be for a small wager. While the chances of these players winning may be low, the payouts will be much better than if you were to bet on the favorites.
  • It is possible to bet on things other than the winner. This is something which newcomers often don’t realize. For instance, you could bet on events like a hole-in-one, playoffs, or double eagle; these are easy ways to make money through bets even if you do not pick a winner. Websites like DraftKings can be useful for making the top picks; when you choose players expected to do well across the board, it can be quite thrilling to watch the next few matches if your picks are there in the mix.
  • It is important to research well before wagering. Picking your favorite golfer may not be enough; you must find out how the players about to play have been performing recently.
  • While you need not know every hole in the course, you must make yourself aware of the course’s overall layout and landscape. For example, many golf courses tend to have a bumpy surface, particularly during late afternoon. Golfers not familiar with this are seen struggling to adapt to the change. It is always advisable to choose golfers who have are comfortable playing in a specific region. For instance, Michelson who grew up and studied in the west coast has had all his 7 big wins there.
  • Following weather forecasts may be a good way to prepare yourself. When you have knowledge about the course you can consider the weather reports next. It will help you place bets on golfers teeing off early when you know that the win conditions will be favorable in the afternoon.
  • Instead of hurrying to place your wagers, it is wise to take time out to evaluate all your betting options. While the overall winner is unarguably the best bet, it is the toughest for bettors to sustain for long term profits.
  • You need to keep yourself away from the noise because too much hype can make you take wrong decisions. Bookies expect bets to rush in for the last week winner and this means the prices are slashed in half.
  • In case you have already lost most of you recent bets you need to be careful about wagering this time. Do not make the mistake of wagering five times of what you would normally simply to compensate for the losses.
  • If you have not been making successful bets, it is necessary to review your strategy and identify where you are probably going wrong. Staying patient is the key to making money through golf betting because sharps will win only about 53%-55% of head-to-head bets.
  • You need to stay responsible when betting on golf. Since there are hundreds of players playing every week, you cannot always make the right picks for every tournament. You need to understand that a single shot can completely change the outcome of the event. Even seemingly less-important factors like weather can play truant. So, when you place bets on golf, you need to know what your limits are and what you are willing to lose.
  • The current form of a player is where odds makers start off when making the odds for a weekly tournament. Like any team, an individual golfer will go through cold and hot streaks. You need to closely observe these streaks and find out what drives them. Injuries and their recovery time, tweaking swing mechanics or techniques, using new golf clubs, etc are quite capable of impacting a golfer’s play.

Use these golf betting tips and tricks to make successful bets on this sport. The key to golf betting is to understand the sport, follow the players, and stay abreast of the latest developments.